Divorce is a complex process that is not to be entered into lightly. In some cases, you might have had a preview of the exciting and enjoyable life that you will be able to lead without your current spouse. While deciding to pursue divorce is not a decision to be made lightly, it is sometimes a good option. This is why it is critical to ask yourself some important questions when deciding whether a divorce is the best option for you.

Are You Fully Prepared for the Divorce Process?

Before deciding to pursue a divorce, it is critical to make sure that you no longer want to maintain your marriage and that you are certain you want to live on your own. If you have any interest in rescuing your marriage, pursue this option first.

Have You Done Everything to Fix the Marriage?

Both parties need to work equally hard to ensure a healthy marriage. If any element is less than satisfactory, it is important to begin by addressing your own behavior and honestly considering whether there are any areas in which you can improve.

Who Else Will be Impacted by the Divorce?

The numerous changes that occur during divorce will impact not just you and your former spouse but also anyone who is close to your family. Some of the other individuals who will likely be impacted by divorce include your children, family, friends, and other nearby loved ones. Before pursuing a divorce, it is a wise idea to accept that the decision will cause a number of significant emotions in these people. This is a particularly important question to consider if you have children.

Will You be Genuinely Happier Without Your Spouse?

Even though a relationship can be difficult, it is important to consider whether you might have an unrealistic expectation of what the future will hold. Consider the many things that you will be required to give up if you decide to end your marriage. Will you be genuinely happier without your current spouse?

Why do You Want a Divorce?

If you intend to use the threat of divorce to challenge a spouse or to cause a certain reaction, it is unlikely that your actions will have this result. Divorce results in the end of a marriage, so ask yourself whether this is the result you want, and why.

Speak with an Experienced Divorce Attorney

If after reviewing these questions, you determine that a divorce is your best option, speak with an experienced divorce attorney. Many people decide to initiate divorce proceedings without first understanding the basic details of this process. Contact Vayman & Teitelbaum P.C. to schedule a free initial consultation.