When it comes to maintaining relationships with in-laws after a divorce, everyone has a different opinion. Some encourage maintaining a healthy, but respectful, relationship with former relatives by marriage and others advocate cutting all ties. Obviously individual circumstances and relationship types heavily influences most decisions, but it is common for couples with children or those that had a very long relationship to maintain ties with in-laws. In fact, some believe keeping in touch with in-laws after a break up is almost as important as finding a way to co-parent effectively with an ex. There are several benefits to maintaining a good relationship with your former in-laws that could help you substantially in the future.

Best Interests of Mutual Children

Post-divorce behavioral problems in children have long-term effects that impact their education, careers, and future relationships. Finding ways to counteract the emotional and psychological damage that a divorce can cause helps children during a very difficult time in their lives. One way to help a child during a divorce is to provide stability however possible, and that includes reaffirming bonds with in-laws. A child who is close to a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or other relative from your ex’s side of the family may benefit from spending more time with that relative. If custody is being decided, taking steps to maintain that relationship shows the court that you are focused on the best interests of the child while simultaneously giving your child the additional support he or she needs in the form of extended family.

Former Partner Travels Often

Adjusting to life as a single parent is hard, especially if your co-parent is not available as often as you expected. A former partner who has a career that requires frequent travel may not be able to provide the assistance you need or expected when your child custody agreement was established.  Depending upon the relationship you have with your in-laws, you may be able to get help with child care or in other emergency situations that your traveling or deployed former partner is unable to provide. With the cost of child care continuing to increase, the assistance of former in-laws in a pinch can save you a great deal of time, worry, and money.

Valuable Source of Information

Even when children are not involved, you may still find yourself in need of valuable information.  During a contentious divorce, knowing where your spouse is working after he or she suddenly changed jobs, finding out what happened to certain assets, or if they are dating could all help you win a fair divorce settlement. Occasionally, an innocent conversation with your former in-laws can provide you with valuable information that you might not have otherwise been able to obtain.

Get Advice

If you are going through a break up and not sure if keeping in touch with your former in-laws is a good idea, discussing your situation with a divorce attorney can help. A qualified attorney who knows the details surrounding your case can give you the legal advice you need. The attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbaum are here to give you the advice you need based on your unique situation.  Contact us today at one of our Atlanta, Georgia offices to schedule an initial consultation.