In the past it was common for one partner to move out of the shared home the instant divorce proceedings were initiated. Now divorce attorneys discourage this action, especially if you hope to be awarded the house during the divorce or you cannot afford to maintain a marital home and a new apartment simultaneously. As more adults navigate the difficult task of living together during a divorce, keeping information from a spouse has grown more complicated. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to increase your chances of keeping divorce details secret while living with a spouse.

Post Nothing on Social Media

The fastest way to spread news online without meaning to is via social media. Once something is posted online, it is almost impossible to destroy it since services dedicated to saving past versions of websites and screenshots make it easy for anyone to save something you post. Even if you believe you have purged your social media account of all mutual friends, in-laws, and anyone else who might be tempted to show your estranged spouse your posts, one oversight could lead to trouble. The best way to avoid a social media-related disaster is to refrain from discussing your divorce on social media.

Delete all Stored Passwords Before Changing Them

After years of marriage most couples do not give much thought to online privacy within their own home. However, after a divorce has started, you must reevaluate how you store information on your private computer, mobile devices, and if your spouse is aware of your commonly used passwords. It is normal to correspond with your attorney via email, and the last thing you want is for your spouse to have access to this sensitive information. Deleting passwords stored in your phone, on your computer, or written down reduces the chances of your spouse reading information that your attorney provides or finding out things that you would prefer to keep private.

Do Not Talk About the Case in Front of Children

Parents take for granted how much attention their children pay to them and their conversations.  Even young children hear and remember more than many realize. During a divorce, avoid talking to your lawyer or to friends about your case in front of your children whenever possible. A child may innocently tell your spouse details that you would rather keep secret. It is also possible that your child may misquote you, causing an argument between your spouse and yourself. Most importantly, shielding your children from the details surrounding your divorce will keep them from feeling as if they are being put in the middle of a situation.

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