Getting divorced is never easy for a couple, and one of the most difficult parts of the painful process is telling family members and friends that your marriage is ending. The conversation is often uncomfortable, embarrassing, and emotional, leading some adults to put off discussing the divorce for as long as possible. Unfortunately, refusing to tell your family about your divorce can ultimately cause much more problem during an already stressful period. Understanding why keeping your family out of the loop during a divorce is a bad idea may make discussing the end of your marriage slightly easier to handle.

Financial Trouble

Divorce causes the average person some form of financial difficulty. The loss in household income combined with being singly responsible for all expenses during a time when legal counsel is needed can create serious cash flow problems. When you are unable to utilize marital assets or access retirement funds, often your family are the only people you can turn to for financial help. Being open and honest about your divorce from the beginning will make asking for financial help easier than waiting until an emergency develops, forcing you to ask for money and break the news of your divorce simultaneously.

Custody Issues

When children are involved, a divorce can quickly become contentious as both parents battle for full or primary custody. During this time period, each adult will keep a wary eye on the spouse to make sure that he or she does not attempt to abscond with the child or interfere with his or her ability to spend time with the child. A family member who is unaware of the divorce or unsure of what is happening with the divorce may cause serious problems by taking your child and refusing to release the child to your spouse.

Disclosing Sensitive Information

Even if you and your spouse have limited assets with what you expect to be a fairly standard divorce, your attorney will still expect you to keep your plans private. Family members who do not know about your divorce or who have not been talked to about the importance of keeping certain discussions confidential may accidentally disclose sensitive information to your spouse.  One ill-timed social media post from a relative about a potential job change, an upcoming trip, recent shopping excursions, or plans to move can unnecessarily complicate your divorce.

Contact an Attorney

Talking to an attorney early in your divorce or if you are planning to get divorced can help you avoid problems that could prolong your case. A divorce attorney can answer your questions regarding who needs to know about your divorce, what is safe to discuss, and offer advice on how to proceed. The attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbaum understand that not every separation or divorce is the same, and we are ready to help you find a solution to your unique circumstances.  With four offices located throughout the Atlanta area, we do our best to make your first consultation convenient and comfortable. Contact us today at 678-736-7700 to schedule an appointment so we can discuss your case.