Divorce does not just concern the two people who entered into the marriage. It also concerns any children that resulted from the marriage, and in some cases, parents splitting up can greatly affect those children. There are ways to minimize and even eliminate any problems a child may have after his or her parents go through a divorce. Consulting the divorce experts at Vayman & Teitelbaum can provide you with legal tools that can ease the impact of a divorce on the entire family. We can also explain your legal rights to custody and visitation to make any transition for your children easier.


Communicating with your children is one of the best and easiest ways to make divorce easier on them. By reinforcing that your children are loved, you can eliminate many of their fears. Often, children feel responsible for their parents’ break up. During this period, children can show intense emotions and actions, although some may be more subtle. It is vital that parents communicate with their children to remind them that the divorce is not their fault and that they are loved.

Be Honest

Research indicates that children who experience divorce adjust well within two years. However, children who experience a marriage in which the parents continually argue and fight often display problems. Whether it is emotional or mental, children that experience high-conflict marriages can be more affected than other children that go through divorce. By being honest with your children about the reasons for a divorce, you can save them from painful emotions. Children benefit from honest conversation.

Have a Schedule, but be Flexible

Having a visitation schedule is important, but making it flexible is equally as important. If you have teenage children, knowing that things come up can benefit you when planning visitation. It is also a good idea to continue your children’s regular routines when helping them adjust. Abruptly changing things can make for long-term problems.

Get Support

It is important for you, the parent, to get support during a divorce. However, experts say seeking any kind of support from your child is the wrong thing to do. This can cause the child to turn against one of the parents and affect the entire family. If you need support, it is best to look to other people who can supply the care you need.

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