Navigating a divorce is difficult, with the change in relationship dynamics playing a large role in the ensuing confusion. After being one-half of a couple for years, it is often hard for a virtually single person to adjust to the new relationship boundaries that are necessary if both people hope to move on once the divorce is finalized. Establishing boundaries while the divorce is still on-going is sometimes complicated because legally, a couple is still in limbo with many of their assets and relationship ties entangled. Learning ways to create and maintain healthy mid-divorce boundaries will make a complicated period in your life easier to manage.

Nothing is the Same

It might be tempting to behave as if everything is business as usual with your ex’s friends and family members, but doing so is not the best idea. Once you have filed for divorce, nothing is the same, and you should immediately reassess relationships associated with your former partner.  Do not show up at their events if you were invited prior to the divorce being filed, and do not impose on them online. Remember that no matter how close you were during the marriage, their first priority will likely be your spouse, and attempting to pretend as if nothing has changed will place them in a difficult position.

Watch What You Say

If you do continue to speak with the family members and friends of your ex due to sharing a place of employment, hobby, or being forced to interact other ways, always watch what you say.  Casual chatter could negatively affect your divorce proceedings since you have no way of controlling what is repeated to your ex. Do not discuss new jobs, purchases you are making, travel plans, or dating. Most importantly, do not talk about your divorce itself or repeat any of the conversations that you have had with your attorney about divorce strategies or expected outcomes.

If You Moved Out, Stay Out

Moving out of the marital home is never recommended during a divorce, but sometimes it is inevitable. If you have moved out of the house, then think twice before showing up unannounced or removing items from the home without permission. Doing so could cause additional problems between yourself and your spouse. If a restraining order was obtained against you at some point, then going to the home of your spouse and children could lead to an arrest, which will further complicate your divorce proceedings.

When in Doubt, Ask Your Attorney

Knowing what is acceptable and what is not during a divorce is not always simple. It is easy for a person under a lot of pressure and dealing with a great deal of stress to make a critical error at the wrong time. Anytime you are unsure of what to is appropriate, reach out to your attorney. The divorce lawyers at Vayman & Teitelbaum understand how a divorce can impact every aspect of your life. We are here to answer your questions and help you avoid making any choices that could hurt your chances at receiving a fair divorce settlement. Contact our one of our conveniently located Atlanta, Georgia offices today to begin discussing your case.