Marriages rarely deteriorate overnight. Most couples experience a slow decline in their relationship as their interactions decrease while their arguments increase. Eventually one partner may begin threatening to file for divorce. This threat may only occur once, or it may become a common part of your arguments or disagreements.

While it is possible that the statements are made out of frustration, hurt, or anger with the spouse not planning to follow through, you should always take those words seriously. Threatening to end a marriage during an argument is one of the most harmful things that an adult can do while in a relationship and it is often a sign that divorce is inevitable. Understanding why you must take divorce threats seriously will help you decide how to proceed if any threats are made against you in the future.

A Sign of Indifference

Threatening to divorce a spouse is emotionally harmful and it usually becomes worse over time.  After your spouse threatens you once and apologizes after you explain how hurtful those words are, be especially wary if he or she makes the threat again. Ignoring your feelings and doing something that deliberately hurts you is often a sign of indifference. Depending on the way the statements are phrased, the threats could also indicate growing hostility.

Subconscious Warning

By the time your spouse starts screaming at you about divorce, it is possible that they have already initiated a psychological divorce. In fact, they may have already started the legal process by speaking to an attorney. Occasionally, a partner who has already started a divorce or is preparing to will make the threat during an argument to warn you without actually telling you what he or she intends to do.

May be Your Only Chance to Plan

Even if a spouse only mentions divorcing you while he or she is angry one time, do not underestimate his or her intent or conviction. That one angry phrase may be the only warning you get that divorce is inevitable. If you ignore those words or assume your spouse is not serious, you may later be completely caught off guard when divorce papers are served. The instant your spouse mentions divorce, start making contingency plans so that you are able support yourself financially during your divorce.

Get Advice

When you are unsure of what you should do when a threat is made, consider talking to a qualified divorce attorney. An attorney who has assisted with numerous cases can give you advice based on your individual circumstances. The attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbaum know how hard it is to seek help when you are not sure whether or not your marriage will end. Our team is prepared to provide you with the legal advice you need to make the right choice for yourself and your circumstances. Contact us today and schedule an initial consultation at one of our Atlanta, Georgia locations so that we can begin providing you with the representation you need.