Alimony in the state of Georgia is not a requirement but can be awarded in appropriate situations. Similar to child support, alimony can be modified when necessary even after alimony has been granted. Individuals should understand some of the essential ways in which life decisions can impact the award of alimony and when alimony can be modified after it has been granted.

Situations that may give rise to a modification of alimony include: changes in the individual’s financial circumstances, changes in the size of the payer’s family, reduce income, remarriage of the other spouse, and cohabitation of the other spouse with another individual in a romantic relationship. In these situations, it is often appropriate to retain the services of a skilled Georgia family law attorney.

Requirements to Obtain a Change in Alimony

Courts in the state of Georgia permit alimony to be modified for two main reasons:

  • Change of Income: Upon the petition of one of the former spouses due to the change in the income or financial status of either former spouse.
  • Voluntarily Cohabiting: Upon the petition of one of the former spouses, where the former spouse who receives alimony is voluntarily cohabiting with a third party in a sexual or romantic relationship. In the event that an ex is having a relationship with another individual but lives separately, the motion to notify has no grounds.

How Individuals Can Modify Alimony

Either former spouse can file a petition for alimony modification in the state of Georgia. The judge will review both party’s assets, budgets, and debts to determine one spouse’s need and the other’s ability to pay. Individuals can file a Petition for Modification of Alimony in several situations:

  • They are not prevented from doing so by a divorce decree.
  • They did not receive alimony payments in one lump sum.
  • They have experienced a substantial change in life circumstances, which includes a variety of conditions.

Obtain the Services of a Seasoned Attorney

The modification process is relatively simple. An attorney must petition for modification with the appropriate Georgia court. Within this petition, the individual often must attach a financial affidavit or other form of proof supporting the request. A skilled attorney like those at the law firm of Vayman & Teitelbaum, P.C can help individuals receive the compensation that they deserve. Do not hesitate to contact our firm to schedule an initial consultation. Individuals can contact the firm by either completing our firm online or calling the firm at 678-736-7700.