Once an adult has decided to file for a divorce, the potential changes he or she is faced with can easily become overwhelming.  Making the transition from sharing your life with another adult to extricating yourself from the life you have built together is daunting. Though family, friends, and legal counsel are all able to aid you during the transition, there are some tasks that even the most organized person can forget to complete. Remembering crucial post-divorce changes that are commonly overlooked can help you avoid unexpected problems cropping up when you least expect them.

Resetting Shared Passwords

Jokes regarding changing Netflix account passwords post-break up are a light-hearted way to discuss a potentially painful process, but beneath the humor there is seriousness. Throughout a marriage, it is not unusual for couples to either share accounts or tell each other the passwords to individually held accounts. Since many adults use only a few password combinations in multiple locations to make remembering passwords easier, sharing one or two passwords can give the other spouse access to numerous accounts. After a divorce, remember to change banking, email, and social media passwords. Also avoid using the same passwords in the future when opening new accounts.

Update Your Car Insurance Marital Status

Not all adults remember to update their marital status with their car insurance provider after a divorce. People often focus on things such as medical insurance or life insurance, with car insurance being forgotten, especially if the account was set up during the separation, but before the legal divorce. Eventually, your car insurance provider will discover the change when your ex-spouse notifies them or they run a credit check before renewing your policy. Failing to notify the provider and change your policy on your own increases your chances of being blindsided by a suddenly higher insurance premium. Taking care of things yourself helps you avoid an unpleasant surprise and gives you an opportunity to shop around for lower rates before a coverage increase takes place.

Change Mailing Address

During the divorce process, assets are divided equally between the partners. Homes shared are sold or one spouse agrees to move out. After moving out, make sure that your mailing address is changed. Contact creditors separately to avoid missing statements, complete a change of address with the post office, and make sure your driver’s license shows the most up-to-date address.  Forgetting to change your address may result in time sensitive material being lost or delayed.  Also, failing to have the correct address listed on your driver’s license can result in a traffic citation with a fine.

Consult an Attorney

No matter how organized or prepared you are, it is possible to overlook important details once a divorce is finalized. Forgetting minor details can make your transition unnecessarily complicated and may even cause hardships. It is always a good idea to consult a qualified divorce attorney to get answers to any lingering questions. The law office of Vayman and Teitlebaum is available to help you when needed, with four offices located throughout the Atlanta area. Contact us today at 678-736-7700 to schedule an appointment.