Learning to work with a former spouse after a divorce is finalized is not the only thing a newly-divorced individual has to worry about. Couples who have children must also find ways to help their children grow accustomed to living in a single-parent household and provide support if any behavioral or educational problems present themselves. Taking parenting classes that are designed to help adults who have recently divorced can promote a healthy environment for children of divorce while teaching parents about raising a child together even when they are no longer a couple. Learning how post-divorce parenting classes are beneficial can keep you motivated when it comes to scheduling and attending meetings alone or with your former spouse.

Helps Define a Parent’s Role

Once a couple is no longer living together it can take a while for each person to identify his or her new role within the reconfigured family unit. Parents whose identities and duties were partially defined by their spouse are not always sure how to handle the role of disciplinarian, primary caregiver, custodian, etc. A parenting class for recently divorced or separated adults discusses the complex roles single parents have and helps parents prepare for challenges that are unique to divorced households. Classes also give parents advice for sharing their responsibilities and working together to make sure each party is aware of the children’s physical, emotional, and educational needs.

Encourages Quality Parenting Time

Newly divorced adults with children often experience a decrease in income and overall standard of living. This change leads to many adults pursuing higher education or obtaining secondary jobs, leaving little free time. Classes give advice for balancing your professional life with your personal life and role as a parent. The time spent with your child should maintain or strengthen the relationship between you and your child. Since most divorced parents end up spending less time with their children, ensuring that the time spent together is positive and enriching is vital, especially if either parent has relocated as a result of the divorce.

Emphasizes the Needs of the Child

The primary goal of the court in cases regarding children is to make sure that any decisions made are ultimately in the best interests of the child. Parenting classes teach adults things that they will need in order to keep their children safe and healthy. Classes include lessons on financial management, advice for keeping children safe if domestic violence has occurred or is suspected, and discussing what parents can do to help their children throughout the divorce process.

Get Answers to Your Questions

If you or someone close to you has been advised to take a parenting class as part of the divorce process, contacting an attorney should always be considered. A family law attorney is able to answer any questions that you may have while letting you know what to expect. If there is any confusion as to why you were ordered to take a parenting class, an attorney can contact the court on your behalf to make sure the class is in your best interest. The attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbaum are ready to help you and your children throughout this difficult transition. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at any of our four Atlanta metro area locations.