Shared parenting is a form of joint custody that allows a divorced couple to spend equal time with their children. In the past it was common for one parent to retain physical custody of the children while both parents had an equal say in legal decisions. The new shared parenting movement allows children to continue spending a reasonable amount of time with both of their parents. Unfortunately, though an increasing number of studies have explored the real benefits of shared parenting, the option is not always viewed favorably by lawmakers and others. Researching the ways shared parenting can help a family during a difficult time makes it easier to understand why a growing number of divorcing adults are considering this parenting option.

Children are More Comfortable

The best interest of the children should be of utmost importance to parents who are divorcing. While all children need time to adjust to no longer living with both of their parents simultaneously, the majority of children want to spend as much time as possible with both of their parents after a divorce. Children who are able to spend equal time with each parent are able to adjust to the divorce of their parents better behaviorally, socially, and academically. In many cases their parents are also more comfortable with the custody arrangement and the time that they are separated from the children.

More Financial Support is Provided

One of the most common objections to shared parenting is the impact it will have on child support obligations. Parents who spend an equal amount of time with their child do not usually receive a large monthly support amount. While court-ordered child support is not always an option, parents who share custody are both more likely to contribute to their children’s financial well-being. Ultimately children receive more financial support during their minority and often when they attend college. Parents who do not feel as if they are being excluded from any part of their children’s lives are more comfortable with providing whatever financial support is needed.

Benefits Both Parents

Regardless of the relationship between the parents after their divorce is finalized, both parties can benefit from shared parenting. After the parents adjust to their regular interactions post-divorce, they are able to appreciate the convenience of having routine parenting assistance.  Parents who share responsibilities equally are able to schedule work based on their parenting time and save money by reducing the need for childcare. They are also able to enjoy an equal amount of time alone without the demands of children. No matter how close a parent’s relationship is with his or her children, spending time alone or with other adults is psychologically beneficial.

Contacting an Attorney

If you and your spouse are discussing the possibility of shared parenting, it is a good idea to contact a skilled child custody attorney. The attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbaum are available to go over your custody proposal and explain Georgia custody laws. We are committed to helping you receive the best custody agreement possible that protects your relationship with your child.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation at one of our four Atlanta metro offices.