It is difficult to determine how many marriages end as a result of adultery, but unfortunately, most data suggests that adultery occurs in surprisingly large numbers. While the discovery that a spouse is cheating on you can impact your entire life, it is a wise idea to learn about divorce as soon as possible so that you can take the steps necessary to protect yourself. The following are the most common signs that a spouse is cheating on you.

Loss of Intimacy

If your spouse loses interest in intimacy, this is often an indicator that he or she is cheating on you. Sometimes, a spouse might even go so far as declaring that he or she is no longer attracted to you.

Your Spouse is Always Busy

Affairs take a substantial amount of time. This means that many spouses often lie about what they are doing so that they have enough time to see the other person. While this might mean that a spouse begins to work much more than before, other spouses might begin to spend more time with friends or co-workers.

Your Spouse’s Financial Habits Change

A spouse who is having an affair will have unusual spending patterns. In some situations, a spouse’s spending might increase drastically. Or, in other situations, a spouse might open a separate bank account. In many cases, by carefully monitoring your spouse’s financial activity, you will be able to determine if there is an affair or something else unusual occurring.

Your Spouse Grows Critical of You

In many cases, spouses who are having affairs will grow angry in an effort to explain their behavior. The spouse might be critical about your appearance or might blame you for creating the difficulties that exist in the marriage.   

Your Spouse is Suddenly Focused on his or her Appearance

If a spouse is engaged in an affair, it is likely that he or she will suddenly be interest in his or her physical appearance. A spouse who is suddenly interested in his or her appearance might be engaged in an affair and might grow defensive when questioned about it.

Your Spouse is Now Secretive

Spouses who are having affairs frequently behave in secretive ways. This might mean that a spouse hides things like internet browsing history, does not leave electronic devices out in the open, or changes his or her passwords. If questioned about this odd or erratic behavior, spouses will often lie about the rationale behind it.

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