Many people discover that returning to work after a divorce is particularly overwhelming. In many situations, not only has a person’s entire life changed, sometimes a recent divorcee has not worked for several years or decades. It is common to feel intense and complicated emotions about readapting to the workforce. Fortunately, there are some helpful pieces of advice that divorced individuals can follow to make this difficult transition a little bit easier. The following reviews some helpful pieces of advice that individuals in this situation should follow.

Do Not Worry About Your Resume

Some people who are returning to the workforce spend a great deal of time worrying about their resume. In some cases, people often wait to return to work because they do not feel that their resume is good enough. In reality, a resume should never serve as a barrier of this degree. One of the reasons why resumes are less important than they once were is that many people today obtain new jobs through networking with family, friends, and professional associations. Other people swear that unconventional methods are the key to landing a new position. You might also benefit from simply  walking into businesses and speaking with the people who work there or attending job fairs.

Tackle the Fear of Technology Head-on

Some divorcees are afraid to return to work because they are uncomfortable with how much technology has changed. This is compounded by the fact that statistics suggest that technology has invaded at least some element of nearly all jobs out there. Some people have not used computers for more than the most basic functions. One of the best ways to approach this fear of technology is to dive right in. While learning technology might seem stressful at first, by remaining focused on adapting to workplace requirements, many people are able to grow accustomed to using technology on a daily basis rather quickly. When a position says that certain computer skills are required, you should not feel intimidated. Often, this requirement merely means that you must have experience using the program. It is even possible to take training classes at local trade schools or community colleges.

Handling Lack of Confidence

Many people feel uncertain about returning to the workforce and are not certain what value they will be able to provide to the marketplace. In reality, as soon as those people begin to receive a paycheck, they discover their self-esteem increases substantially. Another benefit that many people realize after beginning a new position is that their social network increases substantially because they meet a number of new friends on the job. With these two benefits, many people soon switch from feeling insecure about returning to work and instead view the experience as a positive thing.

Speak with a Skilled Divorce LawyerDivorce offers the opportunity to rebuild a person’s life, but the process also comes with its fair share of challenges. If you need assistance navigating this difficult time in your life, you should not hesitate to speak with a skilled divorce lawyer. Contact Vayman & Teitelbaum, PC to speak with an experienced family law attorney.