No matter how hard you and your spouse attempt to keep a pending divorce from affecting your children, it is impossible to shield them completely. Children of divorce often have difficulty expressing their feelings and sometimes blame themselves for their parents’ marital problems.  While it is natural for parents to want to keep their divorce private, letting your child’s school know that a divorce is in progress can provide your children with the resources and support they need to cope with the difficult situation. School divorce resources are a good option for your children that can reduce the behavioral and emotional problems associated with divorce that they are at risk of developing.

Recognize Signs that Parents Overlook

A parent is often very aware of a child’s behavior patterns and recognizes when his or her children are in pain. However, there are some signs that a parent might overlook when under a great deal of pressure while managing a divorce andtrying to cope with the daily struggle of managing a one-parent household. Teachers and counselors who have seen numerous children react to the divorce of their parents are in a unique position to recognize signs that the most observant parent might not notice. The signs that indicate a child is having a hard time coping with a divorce vary based on age, and in many cases educators who are with a child for several hours each day will be the first to notice behavioral changes.

Can Provide Support Groups

Schools offer a variety of groups and activities designed to build the self-esteem of children.  Some schools offer therapy in small groups that let children who are confused or upset by divorce share their feelings with peers who are in the same situation. Children are often more open around their peers, who are in their same age group and share similar interests. Educator-led groups offered by the school give your children a way to discuss their thoughts in a safe environment with other children they trust in a setting that does not make them worry about their words being repeated to their parents.

Offers True Neutrality

No matter how hard a parent attempts to be neutral, it is impossible for him or her to completely put bias aside. Children who are watching their parents struggle through a contentious divorce hesitate to discuss their true feelings because they do not want to be placed in the middle of an ongoing feud. Teachers, school counselors, and other students are truly neutral parties, giving children an option to communicate openly without feeling that they are being forced to take a side. Educators and their peers are able to place a child’s needs first while giving the a child a sense of privacy and support that parents or those involved in the divorce proceedings cannot offer.

Contact an Attorney

If you are concerned for your child’s wellbeing during a divorce, consider talking to a family law attorney. An attorney who has aided couples with complex divorces that involve child custody and other issues can provide you with ideas for making the proceedings easier on your children.  The compassionate attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbaum work with our clients to make the processes of separation and divorce as painless as possible for any minor children involved.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation at one of our Atlanta metro area location.