The period of a marital separation is never easy. Regardless of how bad the marriage was, it can be hard to find your equilibrium during the separation period. Making mistakes is common, but there are a few separation mistakes to avoid at all costs. These mistakes could seriously affect your relationship with children if you have them and make it harder to come to a reasonable agreement during you divorce. Certain mistakes could even lead to the judge hearing your divorce case making judgements that disproportionately favor your spouse.

Fighting Over a Child’s Belongings

After facing the prospect of dividing half of your belongings with your spouse, you may become even more aware of what happens to things you buy for your children. No matter how stressed out you are about finances and asset division, try not to fight about your child’s belongings. It is alright to ask about certain items you took to your spouse’s house (if they moved out during the separation) that you know your child will need, but try not to argue with them over every single item you believe that you are entitled to keep at your house or that you bought.

Over-Engaging in Conversation

The person with whom you have spent years is usually the first person you reach out to whenever something good or bad happens in your life. Once the marriage has virtually ended and a separation has occurred, you need to stop relying on your ex. Stop calling your ex whenever something happens to you or talking to him or her more than is absolutely necessary.  Not only will engaging in unnecessary conversation make things harder emotionally, but you are more likely to end up in a fight that makes the entire divorce worse.  

Not Obtaining a Separation Agreement

Regardless of how you believe your divorce will be handled never make the mistake of not obtaining a separation agreement. Having an agreement in place makes sure each party is aware of the terms of the separation and helps avoid arguments or property disputes during the actual divorce. Your divorce attorney can create a legally binding separation agreement that protects you, especially if the divorce becomes long and drawn out.

Oversharing on Social Media

These days many adults are fixated on appearances, and that often spills over into social media. During a divorce, you might want to show your friends and family that you are doing alright, but oversharing on social media to calm someone else’s fears could lead to trouble. You do not want your spouse, his or her family members, or friends seeing you spending money, going out often, or appearing to date on social media. Discretion is far more important than keeping up appearances at this stage of your divorce.

Waiting to Consult an Attorney

The instant the separation becomes real, you should also consult an attorney. Waiting until your spouse has filed for divorce and served you with papers can place you at a major disadvantage.  If you and your spouse have separated, the attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbaum can provide you with the help you need. Contact us at 678-736-7700 to schedule a consultation so that we can begin providing you with quality legal representation.