Finding love and establishing a healthy relationship after a divorce often helps heal your self-esteem or emotional pain. Experts caution against jumping into a serious relationship too quickly, but once you have grown more comfortable with your newly single status and its new challenges, a happy relationship is beneficial to everyone. While a new relationship can be rewarding, it is important to prepare for possible friction or problems between your new partner and your other loved ones. One way to deal with potential issues before they even start is by setting boundaries with a new romantic partner.


The life of a single parent is difficult, even if you share custody or co-parenting with a responsible and active former partner. Adding a new romantic interest into your life can both reduce your stress and create previously unforeseen issues. Prior to introducing your partner to your children, make it clear what type of interactions you are comfortable with. Let your partner know if you are comfortable with him or her communicating with your child (on the phone, via social media, etc.) directly. Also explain what, if any, disciplinary actions he or she can take along with normal routines of your household such as meals, bedtime, homework, etc. Focusing on keeping your child’s routines normal and maintaining the parenting rules you agreed to with your ex will help all parties avoid stressful confrontations.


No matter what kind of relationship you have with your former spouse, it is not a good idea to encourage or support any attempts made by your new partner to insert him or herself into your ex-spouse’s life. If your ex does not want your new partner to pick up your children for school, daycare, or their home, respect those feelings. Forcing your ex to deal with a new romantic interest could be viewed as an attempt to hurt or embarrass your ex. Most importantly, if your divorce or custody agreement has any rules restricting who is around your mutual children, forcing the issue could lead to your ex finding a way to retaliate.

Family and Friends

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your divorce, it is possible that your immediate or extended family will be less than happy about your new relationship. Explain your family’s stance to your new partner and suggest that they refrain from involving themselves in certain discussions or situations.  If your new flame tries to make your family accept him or her when they are still reeling from the end of your previous marriage, things could get unpleasant in a short amount of time.

Get Legal Help in Georgia

It is possible that dating and new relationships are the last thing on your mind, especially if your divorce is not yet finalized. If you are interested in initiating a divorce, are unsure of the terms of a previous divorce regarding new relationships, or just have general legal questions, a family law attorney may be able to help. The attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbaum know that each situation is different and we work with you to determine what approach is best for you. With four offices located in the Atlanta, Georgia area, our team is prepared to help you achieve an outcome that is most beneficial to you. Contact our office today and schedule an initial consultation so that we can begin helping you with your case.