After a breakup, it is surprisingly common for both spouses to spend time constantly checking each other’s social media accounts. Whether a person is searching for evidence of bad behavior or just curious about what a spouse is doing during the separation, it is possible that questionable behavior will be revealed. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to distinguish truly problematic behavior from actions that are simply upsetting to the spouse who discovers the behavior.  Calling your attorney each time you think your spouse has posted something shocking on social media could reduce the chances of your attorney taking you seriously or it could swing the outcome of your case in your favor. Knowing what social media activity to tell your lawyer about may play a critical role in the final resolution of your divorce.

Constant Partying

A newly separated spouse might want to enjoy his or her freedom by spending more time out with friends. Not only does this time out reinforce the fact that divorce is imminent, it also allows a person to benefit from the support of his or her network of friends. However, there is a big difference between your spouse indulging in a few girl or guy’s nights out and partying constantly. If your spouse is suddenly posting nothing but videos or photos of him or her out drinking, clubbing, and staying out all night, then you might want to alert your attorney to find out if your spouse’s actions could affect your divorce settlement.

Potential Child Neglect

The welfare of children should be the primary concern of both parents, even at the height of a contentious divorce. Both parents must focus on spending as much time as possible with the child to reduce some of the behavioral and emotional problems that have been linked to divorce. If one parent seems to be leaving the children alone for long periods of time or is entrusting them to the care of a questionable child care provider, then your attorney should be notified immediately. Potential child neglect may not be apparent on the social media profile of the parent in charge of the child, but watching your child’s social media account may reveal a pattern of them being away from their custodial parent more than usual.

Excessive Spending

Money always plays a large part in divorce, with both parties trying to prove that they are entitled to more than the other. A partner who is pursuing child support or spousal support may claim to be struggling financially, while his or her social media profile paints an entirely different picture. A spouse who is always shopping, dining out at costly restaurants, or traveling will have a hard time explaining how he or she could afford so many luxuries after previously telling the court that he or she was barely able to pay for basic necessities.

Do Not Wait to Call a Georgia Lawyer

When you notice something that could improve your case, do not hesitate to call your family law lawyer. Social media pictures and videos that prove your spouse has been less than honest with you or the court are something that your attorney needs to know about immediately. The legal team at Vayman & Teitelbaum understands how social media evidence can be used to win cases and we are ready to review anything that you have discovered. Contact us today to schedule a consultation so that we can begin discussing your case.