If you are recently divorced and are navigating the substantial changes to your life, it is common to be worried about how these issues will affect the upcoming holidays. While it is possible to find enjoyment in these activities, it is a good idea to approach the holidays with an understanding that things will never be the same as they were. The following are a few helpful tips for the recently divorced as we approach the holiday season.. No matter what time of year you end up navigating a divorce, the assistance of an experienced lawyer can make things much easier.

Strategies to Make the Holiday Season Easier

Some of the steps that recent divorcees can take to decrease the stress of the holiday season include:

  • Divorce has the potential to greatly damage a person’s self-esteem. To avoid falling into despair, take time to celebrate the holiday season with yourself and begin a new chapter in your life. Take time to laugh and engage in the holiday spirit.
  • Trying to make the holiday the same as it was when you were married will only lead to disappointment. Instead, you should prepare yourself to experience a new type of holiday. Remain flexible and be ready to create new traditions.
  • One of the ways to prepare for the holidays is to make plans with your former spouse about child custody issues in advance. If you have children together, agree well ahead of time about who will have the children and on which days.
  • Depend on family and friends to get through this difficult time. While a divorce changes your family structure, it is important to remember that you still have a family.
  • Establishing boundaries is one of the best ways to maintain your health during the holidays. Begin by sharing your limits with your friends, family, and former spouse. This might include some gatherings that you decline to attend or topics that you would not like to discuss.
  • There might be some elements of the holidays that you disliked doing when you were married. Now is a good time to never do those things again.
  • Avoid depending too heavily on alcohol or drugs to help you get through the holiday season. Indulging too much is more likely to leave you angry or depressed than you otherwise would have been. If you do decide to drink, try to do so in moderation.
  • One of the best ways to take your mind off of the emotional turmoil that you are facing is to take time to volunteer to help others in need.

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