There are a number of concerns that men have about establishing paternal rights after a child is born out of wedlock. Unfortunately, in the state of Georgia, a biological father in this situation does not have the same legal rights to a child until paternity is established. While there are some additional complications that can arise after paternity is established in Georgia, many parents find that establishing paternity is actually a beneficial process that benefits the father, the mother, and most importantly, the child. The following reviews some of the advantages that are frequently realized through establishing paternity.

How Paternity is Established in Georgia

A person is able to establish paternity in Georgia in one of several ways. First, paternity is automatically established if the children’s parents are married to one another at the time the child is born. Second, unwed parents in Georgia are able to sign a Voluntary Paternity Acknowledgement form at either the hospital where the child is born or the closest Vital Records Office. A third option to establish paternity is through a court order.

Benefits Gained by Fathers by Establishing Paternity

After establishing paternity, a father gains the ability to request child custody and visitation rights from a court of law. While exceptions do exist, courts often place importance on making sure that a relationship exists between the child and the father, which means that a fair custody schedule will often be established. As a result, a father will likely gain the ability to play a significant role in the child’s life and upbringing.

The Advantages Realized by Mothers

Single mothers face a mountain of responsibility when it comes to raising a child in a single-parent home. One of the most common obstacles involves paying for everything that the child requires. If a father successfully establishes paternity, a mother can begin to receive help raising the child, including help paying for things that the child needs. Many mothers decide to request child support from a court of law after paternity is established.

Why Children Benefit From Establishing Paternity

Studies have consistently shown that children are likely to lead happier lives and build stronger relationships when they are given the opportunity to form connections with both parents. Not only is a child more likely to receive the financial assistance that is required after paternity is established, that child is much more likely to have his or her emotional needs met. Another often-overlooked benefit in establishing paternity involves the health of the child. When serious medical conditions are caused by inherited conditions, it can be crucial to have health histories from both parents, and the affected children are more likely to have fully-informed medical providers when seeking treatment.

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