While it might sound surprising, your age makes a difference when it comes to marriage and divorce. For example, certain statistics reveal that there is a larger likelihood for divorce to occur in couples who marry at a certain age. Other data reflects that the current generation has a lower divorce rate when compared to their parents. Yet other studies have explored the growing trend of divorce among people over the age of 50. Read on to learn more about the intersection of age and divorce.

The Age at Which People Get Married

It might seem that waiting until a person is older to get married increases that person’s chances of avoiding divorce. This is only true, however, to a limited degree. Psychology Today reports that people are 50% less likely to get divorced if they get married at the age of 25 rather than the age of 20. For individuals who are older than 25, however, the trend reverses and the risk of divorce increases once again.

The Goldilocks Theory

The “Goldilocks Theory” is the idea that the best age for a person to get married is between 28 and 32 years old because this is when a person has the highest chance of ending up in a lasting marriage. The exact reason why divorce is more likely for individuals over the age of 32 has not yet been determined. One theory is that individuals older than 32 have more complicated lives. Additional stressors in their lives could create obstacles in marriage. Another theory is that after 32, some individuals are also less inclined to want to enter into marriage at all or are more focused on other pursuing other personal and professional goals.

Gray Divorce

The term “gray divorce” refers to those that occur among individuals over the age of 50. This rate has more than doubled over the last several years. Once again, the exact reason for this increase has not been determined, but there are believed to be a number of factors at play. One theory is that women today have achieved greater financial independence and are more inclined to leave unhealthy or unsatisfying relationships because they can support themselves. There is a more accepting attitude in the country toward divorce in general, while it was once more taboo.

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It is important to remember that statistics merely suggest likelihood and are not a predictor of what will happen in any one case. Divorce is an intensely personal decision and ultimately depends on a large number of factors beyond the ages of the couple involved. If you are considering divorce, one of the first important steps  you can take is to obtain the assistance of an experienced attorney at Vayman & Teitelbaum P.C. Contact our law office today to schedule a free initial consultation.