While it might be a universal truth that all couples fight, when one spouse begins to use the threat of divorce in arguments, it is possible that you might end up facing larger issues than expected. It is common to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about how to proceed when a spouse mentions the possibility of divorce during an argument. This article will discuss some of the most important things to consider when a spouse mentions the “d word” during an argument.

Why Spouses Threaten Divorce

It can be difficult to determine why a spouse threatens divorce, but some of the most common reasons why people threaten to end a marriage include the following:

  • Because some people are afraid of the possibility of divorce, they sometimes threaten divorce so that the other spouse will not be the first person to raise the topic.
  • Some spouses hold divorce over the other spouse’s head in an effort to manipulate the spouse into doing certain things or acting a certain way.
  • There are occasions when a spouse threatens divorce to win a dispute.

No matter the exact reason why your spouse threatened you with divorce, the topic is not to be taken lightly; it is often a wise idea to quickly speak with a knowledgeable divorce attorney. It is also true that threatening divorce often greatly weakens the security and strength of a marriage.

When to Take Divorce Threats Seriously

In any situation in which a spouse raises the subject of divorce during a fight, you should take matters seriously regardless of whether the spouse is merely threatening you with divorce or actually has plans to end the marriage. Even if you have ended up married to someone who uses the potential for divorce to threaten you, you should at least appreciate that things are not as secure as they once were.

Know How to Respond

The exact way that you choose to respond when a spouse threatens divorce depends on a number of unique factors, but some of the ways that we recommend people react include the following:

  • Discuss matters with your spouse to determine how each of you feels about the state of your marriage. This can help you determine the seriousness with which your spouse is considering divorce.
  • Speak with a divorce attorney if the threats are serious so that you understand your options as well as what you can expect if a divorce does occur.
  • Consider attending a marriage counselor with your spouse provided that both of you are interested in staying married.

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