It is not unusual for a divorcing couple to exchange hostile words and quite a few threats. However, there is a big difference between making verbal threats and carrying them out once a divorce is in progress. Actions designed to hurt or embarrass your spouse can quickly backfire and turn your divorce into an expensive disaster. Unfortunately, no matter how often attorneys warn their clients, adults still make these three divorce mistakes that could cost them dearly.

1. Shutting Off Utilities

Moving out of the marital home is one of the first things a person does after filing for a divorce.  In some cases, the decision is based on the fact that the spouse remaining in the house does not have the financial means to maintain the household on his or her own. After a spouse has moved out, he or she may wait for the ex-partner to become financially desperate, and one way to speed things up is by shutting off utilities in the house. The spouse who disconnects the utilities hopes that the other cannot afford to have the utilities turned back on in his or her name and will be forced to leave the house. In reality, turning off utilities in a shared home usually backfires, ending with you paying for the utilities to be reconnected and paying to financially maintain the household in which you no longer live.

2. Changing Locks

Staying in the marital home is usually the best choice since, during the divorce process, you will still be responsible for contributing to the costs of maintaining the household. A person who wants to stay in the house, but does not want to live with an ex-spouse may attempt to change the locks. Replacing the locks to the house and changing security codes to any alarm systems is viewed as a way to lay claim to the property and prevent your spouse from living with you. It is also a good way to escalate your divorce, upset the judge hearing your case, and seriously damage your credibility in the eyes of the court.

3. Harassing

As a divorce progresses, emotions may begin to run high and you may get into quite a few arguments with your spouse. If these arguments turn into harassment, then you could find yourself dealing with a lot of problems. Making threatening phone calls to your spouse, showing up at his or her workplace or at other locations making threats, or doing other things that can be considered abusive or intimidating may lead to your spouse taking action. If your spouse were to obtain an order of protection against you, then you will be unable to live in your shared home or contact your children. The order of protection against you may later be used against you in future divorce proceedings.

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