Since the internet was established and home computers became more affordable, over 84% of the households in the United States now have a computer. Approximately 89% of all Americans use the Internet regularly, and this method of connecting with others has led to a large number of online affairs. The prevalence of these affairs had led to the term infidelity being expanded to include a sexual or romantic relationship with someone other than an individual’s spouse that began with online contact. While not everyone considers online flirting or explicit conversations cheating, discovering the communication can still be hurtful and seriously harm a relationship between a couple. Being aware of these three signs of an internet affair can help you if you suspect your spouse of online infidelity.

Spending Too Much Time Online

Most adults spend a large amount of time online speaking with friends, doing work, and finding out what is going on in the world. Even though you may be used to your spouse constantly checking email or scrolling through breaking news articles, it is possible to notice an increase in internet usage. If you notice that your spouse is spending noticeably more time on the internet, that could be a sign that an internet affair is already in the making.

Secretive Behavior

When a person who is spending a large amount of time online suddenly becomes secretive, that is an additional sign that trouble could be brewing. Signs of secretive behavior include, but are not limited to:

  • Quickly closing internet browsers or certain tabs when you enter the room;
  • Only getting online after you have left the house, changed rooms, or gone to bed;
  • Becoming defensive if you ask questions about online activities;
  • Using or passwords or changing existing passwords to block your access to their online profiles or messages.

While this behavior could be a sign of something else, it could indicate a cyber affair. Pay close attention to any odd behavior associated with internet usage and document it so that you have an established timeline should the truth come out later.

Avoiding Intimacy

A spouse who is engaging in an online affair may start to disconnect from the existing relationship. It is common for him or her to begin avoiding intimacy such as holding hands, going out for couples-only activities, or sex. If your spouse does engage in intimate activities with you, he or she they may show very little interest or enthusiasm in the activity or appear to be in a hurry to get things over with.  

Reach Out to an Attorney

Discovering that your spouse is engaging in an affair is devastating, hurtful, and often embarrassing. Unfortunately, attempting to ignore the problem or handle it on your own can cause even more problems. If you find out that your spouse has been unfaithful and you want to explore your own options, reach out to a divorce attorney at Vayman & Teitelbaum. Our compassionate lawyers strive to provide our clients with the support they need. We will work with you to determine what choice is best for your situation and will provide you with the legal representation you need during each stage of a separation and divorce. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at one of our Atlanta area locations so that we can begin discussing your needs.