Dividing property during a divorce is often the cause of delay when a couple is working towards a mutually acceptable settlement agreement. Even if a couple is amicable throughout their separation and have no hard feelings about the end of their marriage, working towards fair property division is time consuming when both parties fail to prepare themselves properly.  Keeping these tips for expediting property division in mind while you are going through a divorce can increase your chances of reducing the stress of the divorce process.

Include all Property

A common mistake a spouse will make during a divorce is excluding certain items when the couple is deciding what property divisions are fair. Items that are only in the name of one spouse may still be joint property that is divisible. The best thing to do during a divorce is to list all property that you purchased during the marriage.  If you do not believe certain assets should be considered, discuss your beliefs with your attorney rather than making the determination yourself. Incomplete disclosures can prolong your divorce and place you at risk of being accused of hiding assets.

Verify the Value of Your Property

Lack of knowledge about the real value of your marital property can create issues later in the divorce when spouses cannot agree on the worth of their assets. Getting items appraised at the earliest opportunity reduces the likelihood of disagreements because one or both parties feels the valuation of their marital assets is incorrect. Working together to determine the value of homes, vehicles, and even confirm the amounts in bank accounts allows couples to begin their negotiations based on accurate information.

Familiarize Yourself with Georgia Property Division Law

It is natural for a person who is going through a divorce to consult their friends or family members about the process. However, if that person is not familiar with Georgia divorce law, the answers they give you might not be correct. Each state has different laws regarding property division and if you talk to a person in another state about divorce, his or her state specific information may only cause confusion. Always focus on learning more about property division in your state to avoid making decisions and disputing the requests of your spouse based on inaccurate information

Contact an Attorney

If you are going through a divorce and concerned that the process of getting a final decree will be delayed by property division disputes, it is best to talk to an attorney immediately. The attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbaum are aware of the strain property issues can cause. Our qualified property division attorneys can explain Georgia laws and help you determine the best course of action. We understand that settling property issues is often a major stumbling block in the divorce process and we can work with you to settle your property issues to your satisfaction.  Contact one of our Atlanta area offices today and schedule an appointment to discuss your unique situation.