Years of living with another adult can make the transition from one half a couple to single adulthood difficult. Most focus on adjusting to having a single income household and raising children without daily assistance, forgetting that the simple act of being in a house alone is sometimes daunting. Taking steps to make your house feel safe when you are living alone or with minor children can make your overall transition easier. These tips for feeling safe in your home after a separation will help bring you one step closer to fully embracing your new freedom.

Stop Hiding a Spare Key Outside

Keeping an extra key to your house in a hidden location is one way to avoid an expensive visit from a locksmith if you lose your house key or accidently get locked out of your home. After a separation, leaving a key hidden outside of your home in an obvious location is not a good idea.  People are aware of normal hiding spots and a person who has noticed that you are now living alone may use your spare key to enter your home. Burglars know common hiding spots so stop hiding your keys outside and instead consider placing a spare in your secure garage in a hidden spot, giving a spare key to a neighbor, or hiding your key in a magnetized box underneath your car.

Get a Dog

Studies have shown that getting a pet after a separation can help improve your mental and physical health. Getting a dog can help you and your family cope while helping you feel more secure in your home. A properly trained guard dog can give you companionship and alleviate any fears you have about being at home without another adult. Early obedience training and proper socialization are a critical part of having a guard dog. It is important to understand that getting a dog for safety will require an investment of time and patience from you and your family.

Invest in a Security System

Residential security has evolved with numerous options available for every budget. Traditional security companies usually offer free instillation and a reasonable monthly fee. If you are not sure about signing a contract, consider purchasing a security system outright and having a professional install it. Some areas even have smaller security companies that will install security cameras and alarms around your home that you purchase while also offering reasonable month-to-month monitoring service.

Get Advice from an Expert

After helping clients deal with a variety of situations, a family law attorney can give you advice regarding feeling secure after a separation. If you are married and planning on getting a divorce, an attorney can also discuss what security measures are acceptable when a home is marital property that one spouse has left. The attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbaum realize that ending any relationship is complicated. We are prepared to help you move forward with your life while protecting your legal rights. Call us today at 678-736-7700 and schedule a consultation at one of our four locations so that we can discuss your unique situation.