Marriage is full of challenges. In the case of blended families, these challenges can be amplified. Blended families must contend with a number of unique challenges including integrating stepchildren into single homes, forging relationships with former spouses, and more. 

By following the tips below, however, you can greatly increase your chances of not just staying together but flourishing as a blended family.

Make Your Marriage Important

Even though a marriage that results in a blended family might not be a person’s first marriage, it is still important to treat it with the same amount of respect and care. 

By focusing on your marriage, you will be strengthening your family bonds, as well. This should greatly decrease the chances that major conflicts will arise, and the children in blended families will benefit from feeling that they are part of a secure family unit. 

Establish Boundaries

As everyone in a blended family becomes accustomed to the new dynamic, it is common for one or several people to end up feeling like outsiders. Try to treat everyone in the blended family with the same degree of respect. Set family rules and boundaries so that everyone can function within the same set of expectations. 

Avoid Hogging Your Spouse

For the sake of the children involved in a blended family, make sure that all parents spends an adequate amount of time with their children. The parent-child bond is an important one and a new spouse should avoid getting in the way of it, when possible. 

Do Not Argue in Front of Children

One of the most common emotions experienced by children of divorce is a sense of instability. For this reason, you should avoid arguing with your spouse in front of your children. Save these tough conversations for later and hold them in private. 

Seek Professional Assistance

In some situations it might be necessary to obtain the assistance of an experienced counselor who is familiar with the challenges experienced by blended families, as well as a skilled attorney. 

The process of blending families is particularly difficult, and when you do your best to catch potential pitfalls early on, the children of the family will benefit. Check in with yourselves and each other often, and seek professional help when it feels right, no matter if you have been married for a week or a decade. 

Speak with an Experienced Family Law Attorney

Blended families must deal with a number of unique challenges. If you have questions or concerns about your blended family and how best to plan for the future, you should not hesitate to speak with an experienced attorney. 

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