Parenting a child during a divorce is difficult for both parents. Not only do both parents need to adjust to being a single parent, their child must get used to living in a household that no longer allows them constant access to both parents. Additionally, the parents must learn how to effectively co-parent even though they are no longer together.  

This task is especially difficult while the divorce is ongoing. Two people who are fighting over marital assets, alimony details, and child support amounts must simultaneously work together to raise a child without letting their animosity touch the child in question. These tips for co-parenting during a divorce will help you navigate one of the most complicated experiences a parent is likely to encounter.

Separate Your Feelings from Actions Involving the Child

No one goes through a divorce without being hurt on some level. After the divorce, it is possible to rest, regroup, and heal, but while things are ongoing, every emotional wound is still fresh.  Regardless of how hurt you are, you must separate those feelings from actions or interactions involving the child. Do not let those emotions dictate how you behave when your child is picked up by the other parent, when a conversation involving the child occurs, or around your child in general.

Do Not Let Your Children Exploit Things

During the divorce, you and your spouse are probably going to feel guilty about how your sepration is affecting your children. When this happens, it is only natural that your children will start testing your boundaries. Do not let your guilt convince you to allow your children to break curfew, get you to buy expensive gifts, or make choices that you would never normally make.  Turning into a Disney dad or mom will only make your divorce more complicated than it needs to be.

Never Act Like There are “Sides”

The “us against them” mentality is strong during a contentious divorce and often boils over into your parenting relationship. When this happens, your children are negatively affected because they no longer feel like they have a safe relationship with both parents. Try your best to make sure your children do not feel like they have to pick a side during the divorce. Remember, once the divorce is finalized, you and your ex will have to work collaboratively to raise your children and the way you handle the separation will influence how things proceed after the divorce is finalized.

Settle Things Quickly

Most importantly, do what you can to settle custody issues and your divorce as quickly as possible. A skilled child custody and visitation attorney can work on your behalf to resolve your case in an efficient manner. The legal team at Vayman & Teitelbaum understands how complicated raising a child with your spouse in the middle of a divorce can be. We work on your behalf to alleviate some of the burden from your shoulders so you can focus on raising your child. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at one of our several Atlanta area locations so that we can begin providing you with the legal advice you need.