Social media is part of everyone’s lives and has quickly become one of the most popular way for people to communicate privately. During and after a divorce, some parents have found that using social media to communicate with their children is an easier option than going through a potential hostile former spouse. However, it is important to remember that social media does have its downsides. Keeping these tips for communicating with your kids via social media after a divorce in mind will help you avoid running into trouble with your ex-spouse.

Make Sure it is Private

Using social media to speak to your kids is a fast and private way to communicate as long as you are using the platform correctly. Before pressing “send” on any message make sure you are sending a direct message and not posting the message on your timeline or theirs. During the conversation, do not hesitate to Facetime or call your child to make sure you are speaking with them and not your ex or another person.  

Do Not Make Them Uncomfortable

One key thing to remember when chatting with your children after a divorce is that the smallest things could make them feel uncomfortable. When you are talking, avoid bringing up the divorce, your ex-spouse, or family members you may be at odds with because of the divorce.  Focus on speaking about your kids’ favorite activities, their education, and other topics that show them how much you care about them. Children often need extra attention after a divorce, so speaking to them about topics that center on them is always a good idea.

Never Say Anything You Do Not Want Repeated

Children may be devoted to you and value your privacy, but that does not prevent them from making the occasional mistake. A child may accidentally repeat something you discussed with your former spouse, a friend, or family member who may make sure the details get back to your spouse. For that reason, never say anything to your child that you do would not want made available for public consumption. An innocent observation or words said in anger could end up being repeated to your former partner’s attorney and even to a judge.

Start Fresh

Instead of talking about the past, focus on the future. Talk about starting a new hobby together and plan realistic trips or activities. Making plans for the future reminds your children that you will always be in their lives and encourages them to look forward to life after a divorce.  

Comply With Court Orders

No matter what, always make sure your communication method and how you speak complies with all court orders. The child custody and visitation lawyers at Vayman & Teitelbaum can help you go over your existing court order to make sure nothing you do accidentally violates an existing order. If you do not currently have a child custody agreement in place, our legal team will work with you to obtain one that gives you a chance to bond with your child. Contact one of our Atlanta area offices to schedule an initial consultation so we can begin discussing your needs.