There are numerous myths that people have about divorce. One of the most incorrect assumptions about this process is that there is such a thing as a typical divorce. In reality, every divorce is unique and there are several ways that a marriage can end. There are also a variety of types of family structures. 

While mothers are the primary caretakers of some households, fathers are the ones involved with childcare in others. Unfortunately, while Georgia law states that mothers and fathers should be treated fairly, fathers are often seen to hold a lesser role. As a result, while making divorce decisions, courts often carry an unspoken bias against dads, no matter how great a job they do raising their children. 

The following are some helpful tips for dads to follow during the divorce process. 

Be Engaged in Your Children’s Lives

When a judge is deciding custody matters, several factors can influence how custody is ultimately awarded. Dads will need to establish that they deserve to spend the same amount of time with children as the mothers. To make this point, fathers should play an active role in their children’s lives and remain up-to-date with important events like doctors appointments and school activities. 

By showing that you contribute to your child’s life and are actively involved, you can greatly strengthen your case. If you wait until the case proceeds to a judge, your argument will be greatly weakened.

Stay Polite

Divorce is full of emotions, and it is often easy to get into screaming matches with your ex. You must avoid fighting at all costs, though. Being argumentative only serves to weaken your case and negatively impact how your judge views the situation. 

Rather than be combative, it is often a better idea to work together with your former spouse to find a mutually agreeable solution to the various challenges that arise.

Stay in Touch with Your Children

It is likely that after a divorce, you will not spend as much time with your children as you did during the marriage. Some parenting plans might even result in you going days or weeks without seeing your children. Even if you are not in physical contact with your children, you should make sure to stay in touch with them. 

Some fathers even go so far as to make sure that requirements are placed in parenting plans about how often children must communicate with the other parent to ensure contact continues.

Do Not Hesitate to Speak with a Family Law Attorney

The decisions about a couple’s children are often some of the most contentious ones during a divorce. To navigate these matters successfully, the assistance of an experienced family law attorney is often necessary. 
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