Not every person has children with the expectation that they will become single parents. The average child support attorney consults with potential clients who are shocked and scared by the possibility of raising their children alone. While being a single parent after a separation is not easy, it is something that thousands of adults throughout the United States are able to handle each day. Having a plan and keeping a few tips for success as a single parent in mind will help you navigate your new role as a recently divorced parent.

Stay Connected

No matter what type of custody arrangement you agree to, and regardless of whether or not you become the primary parent, your connection with your child will be partially affected. Once your child begins spending time away from you, the relationship you have with your child changes.  Staying connected with your children when they are away helps maintain your relationship and strengthen your bond. Using things such as text messaging and social media give you a way to communicate with your children on a regular basis without intruding upon their time with their other parent.

Communicate with Your Ex

After a contentious break up or a protracted divorce, the last thing many people want to do is talk to their former partner. However, when you have children with that partner, it is vital that you talk to them for the sake of your children. Communicating with your ex on a regular basis about the children ensures that they do not miss anything important to the development of the children. It also relieves your children of the burden of being go between both parents and alleviates some of their stress. Children can tell when their parents have a bad relationship and simply knowing that their parents communicate about important matters can do a lot to reassure them.

Embrace Co-Parenting

Sharing the responsibility of parenting is not easy since, for all intents and purposes, you are a single parent. Even though each day you must get up and manage your child alone, you are still a co-parent when you share custody with another spouse. Take that duty seriously and even if you disagree with the other parent on most issues, work towards creating an arrangement that works best for your child. Finding ways to co-parent effectively reduces some of the stress of single parenting and prevents problems caused by bad or nonexistent parenting plans. Working together to co-parent in a complimentary manner is in the best interest of your children and yourself.

Turn to an Expert

If you are unsure about how to start your new life as a single parent after a relationship ends, do not hesitate to contact a child custody attorney for advice and legal assistance. After assisting numerous couples with the process of adjusting to single parenthood, an attorney can help you come up with a fair custody agreement and parenting schedule that protects your rights. Contact the legal team at Vayman & Teitelbaum today to schedule an initial consultation. We will discuss your situation and provide you with the qualified legal advice that you deserve.