Deciding how to raise children with a former spouse can be particularly challenging. Unfortunately, there is not one universal solution to this problems, which means parents must determine for themselves what type of arrangement will work best. There are, however, several important steps that parents can take to effectively co-parent children together after a separation or divorce has occurred.

Do Not Let Your Children See You Fight

Even after a couple divorces, it is common for the negative feelings from the end of a marriage to linger on for months and even years. Even if you feel the urge to fight with your former spouse, it is important to act as if you get along with him or her in front of your children.

Be a Role Model for Your Children

It is important to always act in a polite manner around your former spouse. This is important because your children still look up to you as a role model and in many cases will mirror how you act and what you say.

Focus on the Larger Battles

It is unlikely that your ex will be able to navigate matters without committing an error. If these errors are small, though, you should focus on the larger issues. It is likely that as time goes by, you and your former spouse will fall into a better rhythm and figure out how to respectfully coparent your children.

Do Not Restrict Your Ex From Seeing the Kids

With the exception of when court orders are in place, it is important to not act in any way that prevents your spouse from seeing your children. It is also critical to avoid attempting to use your children in a manipulative manner. Instead, you should focus on upholding your end of the custody agreements.

Do Not Use Your Children to Deliver Messages

Under no circumstance should you attempt to use your children to deliver messages or items to your former spouse. Instead, you should directly communicate with the other spouse in these matters. You can seriously emotionally harm your children if you place them in the middle of things.

Do Not Take Your Children to Court

In many cases after a divorce is settled, you might still need to go back to court to review subsequent issues. Unless a judge requests you to do so, it is important to avoid bringing your children into the courtroom. Instead, you should make every effort to protect your children from these matters.

Contact a Skilled Family Law Attorney

There are both benefits to remaining close to a former spouse after a divorce and establishing healthy boundaries. These cases serve as a reminder that every family’s situation is unique. Contact Vayman & Teitelbaum P.C. to schedule an initial free case during which time we will discuss the various available options in your divorce as well as their potential outcome.