Since divorce has become more socially acceptable and common, many mistakenly believe that the divorce process is easy. In spite of numerous legal changes that have occurred over the years to make getting a divorce accessible to all people, there are still several ways that a person’s lack of knowledge can ruin a divorce case. Once a person has sabotaged his or her own case, it is difficult for an attorney to obtain a decent settlement. Any person who is involved in divorce negotiations and is hoping to obtain either spousal or child support needs to be aware of these two ways a person can ruin a divorce case without meaning to.


Prior to filing for a divorce, it is always a good idea to obtain copies of as many relevant documents as possible while you have a chance. These documents can include past tax returns, pay stubs, business records, bank information, and other paperwork that your spouse may move from the property once the divorce process is initiated. However, obtaining records that you accessed during the marriage is different than violating your spouse’s privacy before filing for divorce or once the divorce is initiated.

Never access your spouse’s email address, social media accounts, or other private information without permission, especially if you have never had access to this information in the past. You should also refrain from installing any type of keylogging software on shared computers or mobile devices in an obtain to track your spouse’s online activities or get his or her various account passwords. Not only can doing this make a judge question your honesty and ethics, depending on how far you go, your actions could be considered a crime that leads to substantial penalties.

Creating a Digital Trail

Over 80% of all divorce cases now involve evidence that was obtained through some form of social media. The average person is so used to using social media for personal and professional reasons that he or she does not think of the potential legal implications of those online activities.  Using social media often creates a digital trail that your spouse can use against you in court.  Activities such as dating, shopping, and commenting can all be used as evidence to prove that you have been an irresponsible parent or are mismanaging finances.

Text messages and emails can also cause trouble during your divorce since they provide documentation of things you have said or done throughout the marriage or divorce process. A skilled attorney will scrutinize every message you have sent looking for ways to prove that you are dishonest, unstable, or worse. Remember, every message you send through any platform can be saved and used as evidence when you least expect it.

Contact an Attorney

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