Over the years, multiple studies have been conducted showing how minor children are affected by the divorce of their parents. Children can experience developmental issues that impact their ability to learn and function in certain age-appropriate ways. Growing awareness of these problems has led to some couples remaining married until their children become adults.  However, this choice may lead to different problems that make divorce more problematic for older adults. Understanding the ways adult children can hurt your divorce case may influence your decision to postpone a divorce or affect how you communicate with your adult children while your divorce is pending.

Provide Financial Information to a Spouse

During a divorce, most people want their estranged spouses to know the bare minimum about their daily lives. Outside of mandatory financial disclosures, the average person is not going to discuss financial health with a spouse or attorney. Unfortunately, adult children may be unaware of the importance of keeping certain information private. Your adult child may relay information regarding your recent purchases, trips, or other details that indicate your financial health. This information may encourage your spouse to request more information about your finances or accuse you of hiding assets.

Overshare on Social Media

Today, social media plays a large role in our lives. Currently 81% of the population has social media profiles, and divorce attorneys use the information obtained on these profiles to win cases.  At the beginning of any separation, your attorney will advise you to delete social media accounts or make them private to keep others from viewing your activity. In most cases neither your attorney nor you will think to restrict the access your adult children have. It is possible that your adult children will start sharing things you post with your spouse, friends, or relatives. This information, especially if it is related to dating or employment changes, could seriously hurt your divorce case.

Pick Sides

While it is true that adult children may accidentally share information that hurts your case, it is also true that an adult child may pick sides and actively help your spouse obtain a seemingly “better” divorce settlement. When a child of any age picks sides, it is hurtful, but when that child is an adult, things get more complicated. Courts cannot intervene to prevent parental alienation, and information provided by your child is often a seen as more credible than information obtained through other methods. Having a child actively side against you and work to undermine your divorce settlement could lead to a personal or financial disaster.

Georgia Child Custody Attorneys: Vayman & Teitelbaum

Even though having a child work against your best interests is hurtful, it does not mean that you should give up on your case. With the assistance of a dedicated divorce attorney, you can continue to pursue the settlement you deserve. The aggressive attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbuam are prepared to fight at your side to ensure your legal rights are protected. We provide representation during every stage of your case and are standing by to give you the help you need.  Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation so that we can begin working on your case.