After learning that your child has begun the divorce process, you likely feel sorry for your child. As a grandparent, you also likely worry about how this will impact your grandchildren. After all, many grandparents take the opportunity to lavish love and affection on their grandchildren. While the divorce process is not easy, you can act as a source of comfort for your grandchildren during this difficult time. 

Continue Routines

You should not let divorce interfere with the routine that you share with your grandchild. If you used to visit with your grandchild a few times a week, you should continue these visits. 

Remember that even though your child might be going through a difficult time, your grandchild depends on the stability and security your relationship provides now more than ever. Continuing this relationship is much easier if both parents understand how much you love the grandchild and why continued interaction between you two is important.

Avoid Discussing the Divorce

If you need to discuss details about the divorce, you should avoid doing so in front of your grandchildren. 

You should similarly avoid saying anything negative about the other parent while visiting with your grandchildren. This places the child in a difficult position and can even lead to parental alienation. While you avoid discussing the divorce around your grandchild, you should be able to discuss some aspects of the divorce if the child asks you to do so. 

If you do engage in a conversation about the divorce, remember to be patient, listen carefully, and ask questions to determine how the child is coping. The divorce of parents is an uncertain time for children. You have the ability right now to be the person they can count on.

Be Diplomatic With the Other Side of the Family

When grandchildren are born, it becomes common to run into the other parent’s family on a more frequent basis. Sometimes it is possible to continue a positive relationship with this extended family after a divorce, other times it becomes necessary to end these relationships. Whatever you decide, the focus should not be on you but on the security and calmness experienced by your grandchildren. You should continue being reliable to your grandchild, even if you do no more than offer a shoulder to cry on. 

Remain Calm

One recurring theme in this article is providing your grandchild with comfort. This is because divorce is a stressful time. Besides spending time with the child and avoiding criticizing either parent in front of them, you should also stay positive for your grandchild during this trying time.

Speak with an Experienced Divorce Attorney

Divorces are stressful, which is why it should come as no surprise that many issues are overlooked during the divorce process. For one, divorce has the potential to negatively impact the relationship between grandchildren and grandparents. If you need the assistance of a skilled family law attorney during this difficult time, contact Vayman & Teitelbaum, P.C. today.