Child custody cases are stressful and can often take months or years to reach any type of resolution. During an emotionally draining child custody dispute, the last thing any adult wants to do is answer questions from curious people about the case. Unfortunately, there are some people in your life and your children’s lives who have a valid reason for inquiring about the situation, meaning you cannot easily dismiss them. Learning ways to handle uncomfortable questions about child custody cases help you navigate difficult, and unavoidable, conversations.

Offer to Provide a Copy of Temporary Orders

School faculty will often ask questions about the status of a divorce or ongoing child custody cases if they are aware of the parents going through a separation. The school district may have rules regarding custody issues but at times the questions being asked may seem based on personal curiosity instead of school policy. One way to stop the conversation and save yourself from having to tell multiple teachers and staff members the same things offer to provide a copy of any temporary custody orders in your possession. Not only does having the order on file help protect you and your child, it also makes your life easier. Once the custody order is on file you will be able to refer all curious individuals to the office to check the custody order and help you avoid embarrassing or stressful conversations.

Explain That the Case is Ongoing

A difficult child custody battle often has numerous ups and downs, making it impossible to know exactly what the final order will look like. Instead of answering the same questions multiple time and then being forced to explain the changes, tell curious parties that the case is still ongoing so you can not provide an update. This helps you politely cut the conversation short and saves you from having to provide a full recap of information they were previously given but forgot. This answer may not deter the truly persistent, but the majority of casual acquaintances will accept it if you tell them that you are still waiting for a final decision from the judge hearing the case.

Refer Them to the Other Parent

Thanks to social media, email, and text messaging it easier for former in-laws or friends of the other parent to reach out to you for news. When someone you know has a relationship or connection with the other parent contacts you asking for information about your child custody case refer them to the other parent for information. Not only does this protect you from accusations of gossiping to their friends and family members, it gives you a break from dealing with uncomfortable questions that concern children you share with a former partner. Even if you are tempted to answer the question because it seems harmless remember that any appearance of talking negatively about the other parent that is documented could come back to haunt you, and your custody case, later.

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