Each year thousands of adults file for divorce in the United States. Though many divorces occur without issue, there are times when a divorce becomes contentious. Spouses who cannot agree on property division, child custody, and other issues may grow volatile. In situations involving one spouse who has a history of becoming unreasonably angry or dangerous, protecting children is extremely important. Children of all ages are easily impressionable and it is too easy for them to be used against one of their parents. Knowing ways to protect children during a contentious divorce can help keep your children safe from being exposed to more strife than necessary.

Request a Protective Order

The number of divorce cases involving domestic violence has increased over the years as more victims of domestic violence seek divorce than in previous years. Once a parent has decided to obtain a divorce, protecting the children from harm becomes his or her highest priority.  Protective orders are one option for the parents of children, especially if the children have previously witnessed or been the victim of domestic violence. Parents can obtain a temporary restraining order on behalf of their minor children that will protect the family by preventing the other parent from contacting them or being near them until the time of the protective order hearing.

Communicate with School and Child Care Providers

Children spend a great deal of time at their school or with child care providers. Since your child will spend most of his or her time during the day outside of your care, it is important to communicate with teachers regarding the divorce. If a protective order is necessary, you must take a copy to your child’s school or daycare so that they know not to let your former spouse approach your mutual children. Discussing the situation with them will let them notify staff and prepare themselves in the event that the other parent visits the school or daycare without your knowledge.

Contact the Court

If the behavior of your spouse is causing emotional or physical harm to your children, contacting the court is also an option. The judge needs to stay aware of everything that happens that could affect your case. Having your attorney contact the court could lead to a hearing in family court to discuss certain issues such as child custody. Since the court acts in the best interest of the children, they will do everything in their power to protect your children.

Talk to an Attorney

Protecting your children during a divorce is not always something you can do alone. Without court orders or protective orders, third parties such as schools will not interfere with your spouse on your behalf. Talking to an attorney is the best way to explore your options and ensure that you make the best choices for the sake of your children. The divorce attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbaum can help your family during this difficult period. We have offices conveniently located in Alpharetta, Lawrenceville, Cummings, and Marietta. Contact our law firm today at 678-736-7700 to schedule a consultation to discuss your situation.