Many parents who navigate the divorce process discover that it brings them closer than ever to their children. Understandably, parents want to do whatever they can after the end of a marriage to improve and deepen the relationships they have with their children. 

Fortunately, there are a number of positive steps that you can take after a divorce to improve the relationships that you have with your children, such as: 

Stay Involved in Your Children’s Lives

Parents need to remain involved in their children’s lives. While buying children gifts or taking them on trips is certainly a nice gesture, the best way to ensure a continuing relationship is to stay involved in their lives every day. Being involved means things like getting to know your children’s friends, teachers, and the parents of your children’s friends. 

Spend Time With Your Children

More than gifts or trips to exciting destinations, most children of divorce just want their parents to spend time with them. The more time that a parent spends with a child, often the easier it is to build a good relationship. One of the primary factors that courts consider when awarding custody is how much time the child spends with the parent. 

When you spend a substantial amount of time with your children, a court will consider this when creating a parenting plan. Courts want to encourage children to continue the type of relationship they had with parents before a divorce. 

Be Interested in Your Children’s Activities

If your child is particularly interested in certain projects, you should take particular note of these hobbies or activities. Children often seek approval and validation from their parents. It can mean a lot to a child when a parent takes an interest in what the child is doing and affirms the child’s interests. 

The best parents even engage in open-ended discussions with the children to learn more about their thoughts on activities and what they mean to them. For example, a question like, “Why do you like your hobby?” can often get a child talking and sharing.

Stay Consistent

Staying steady and consistent is one of the best ways for parents to achieve their goals. Consistency provides children with something stable and reassuring. In turn, a level of trust is established with the parent and the child’s anxiety and uncertainty are greatly reduced. This means providing a child with a consistent schedule and rules with little variation. 

Speak with an Experienced Family Law Attorney

Parenting is a complex process, and there are many obstacles that can get in the way. To successfully navigate these issues, the assistance of an experienced family law attorney is often necessary. 

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