There are many reasons that couples decide to end a marriage. Couples often feel several different and complex emotions about one another during the separation process. Some spouses realize that they have simply grown apart and now want different things. Other times, spouses love one another but do not wish to remain married. Other times, spouses can end up hostile and unfriendly toward one another as a result of a financial crisis or infidelity. 

Regardless of the circumstances, if a divorce is involved, it is likely that you are not on the best possible terms with your former spouse. Even though most divorcing spouses understand that the end of a marriage is just between them, sometimes children get caught up in the conflict. Fortunately, there are several helpful strategies that parents can follow to protect their children during this process. 

Avoid Fighting Around Your Children

One of the most devastating but easily avoidable things divorcing parents do is argue with each other in front of their children. Witnessing disagreements of this nature can leave children feeling uneasy and insecure. This can have long-lasting effects on a child’s life including an increased risk of behavioral problems. 

Make a vested effort not to fight with your spouse in front of your children, no matter how heated things get between you.

Keep Routines Stable

As you end your marriage, it is likely that many things you have come to know and depend on in your life will change. Many people during or after divorce need to relocate, adjust work schedules, and even change what household tasks they perform. For children, all of these changes can be overwhelming. Not only are the changes often sudden, but they all also occur at the same time. 

One of the best methods that parents have discovered for helping children feel some sense of stability during this time is to keep routines the same. Other parents decide to bring a piece of furniture or two that reminds the child of a previous residence, even if the parent had previously planned to throw those items away. It can also help if divorcing spouses agree to provide the child with the same schedule and lifestyle at both residences.

Offer Emotional Support

For most children of divorce, it is common to end up feeling confused and frustrated about the end of their parent’s marriage. Many children are also left wondering what the divorce has implies about the child and whether the child is in any way responsible for the end of the marriage. 

Some children even go so far as to blame themselves for the divorce. During this time, it is important to reassure your children that they are not responsible for the end of your marriage and that you will always provide them with emotional support. 

Speak with an Experienced Alpharetta Family Law Attorney

There are several complex decisions to be made during a divorce, and it is critical to make sure that these choices do not end up having an unnecessary negative impact on your children. 

Fortunately, a knowledgeable family law attorney can provide you with the assistance that you need during this difficult time. Contact Vayman & Teitelbaum, P.C. today to schedule a free case evaluation.