Divorce is not an easy process. It is common to feel overwhelmed with negative emotions as you navigate the end of your marriage. Just because you have already gone through a divorce, however, does not mean that a second or additional divorce will be any easier. To make matters worse, statistics suggest that 67% of second marriages and 73% of third marriages result in divorce. Second, third, and additional divorces are often more challenging because the person now has more assets, debts, and other complications. Although dealing with a second divorce is often challenging, understanding how a second divorce will be different from a first divorce can help you better prepare for the numerous complications that you are about to face. As a result, this article reviews some of the things that make a second divorce unique.

Issues Involving Children

There are many obstacles that arise in second divorces that people do not face at the end of first

marriages. A subsequent divorce often can become difficult when a person has multiple children from multiple marriages. If you have children from both marriages, it is possible that an existing custody schedule can interfere with a custody decision. Children can also experience additional disruption as a result of a second divorce, which can lead to a number of traumatic and negative feelings in children. One of the best ways to make sure that a second or additional divorce impacts children as little possible is to make sure that the divorce proceeds as smoothly as possible.

More Complex Emotions

A number of negative emotions can arise during divorce including anger, grief, guilt, and sadness. Many people who navigate a second divorce start to also think that the reason why the marriage ended is directly due to them. It is easy to feel insecure about your romantic future. Many women also report that they feel social judgment from family and friends as a result of a second or additional divorce. Men, however, report that they feel less of a stigmatization due to the end of a second or additional marriage. The best way to avoid these negative feelings is to realize that many successful people who found lasting love navigated the end of two or more marriages.

Financial Complications

When second divorces occur, many people have more assets than they did when they were younger. As a result, there are often complex financial negotiations involved with second divorces. In some cases, a first divorce can even impact the terms of a second divorce. A person can also sometimes find that a second divorce can further interfere with the terms of a pension or social security. To make sure that all financial issues are taken into consideration after a divorce, it is often a wise idea to speak with an experienced family law attorney.

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