Infidelity during marriage is closely linked to divorce since a person who discovers that his or her spouse has cheated is statistically more likely to separate or get divorced. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict who will cheat or when cheating may occur, leaving many men and women completely unprepared to handle their discovery. Feelings of betrayal and hurt are normal, but the way you react to the knowledge could have serious repercussions on the rest of your life. Knowing what not to do after discovering your spouse is cheating may help you avoid making mistakes that could seriously hurt you in the future.

Involve the Kids

If you and your partner have children, do not involve them in your dispute. While it may be impossible to hide your pain from them, you do not need to discuss the details of the affair with them. Also, limit arguing in front of your children whenever possible and never force your children to choose sides. Involving your kids in the situation causes them unnecessary stress and could harm them psychologically. It can also damage your parental relationship with them.

Rant on Social Media

Most adults have social media accounts and they use those accounts to share what is going on in their lives with those closest to them. However, ranting about your spouse’s infidelity on social media is not necessarily the best way to tell close friends or relatives about your possible separation. Using social media as an outlet for family disputes places people in your lives in an awkward situation, has the potential to drag your children into the fray, and could make you look bad if you find yourself in divorce court. Remember, anything you place on social media can be saved by anyone who sees it, meaning deleting your post might not make it go away.

Get Physical

The absolute worst thing that you can do after discovering infidelity is destroy marital property or physically assault your spouse. No matter how hurt and angry you are, doing either thing can have serious financial and legal consequences. Destroying marital property may mean that you need to compensate your spouse if you end up getting a divorce. If you physically assault your spouse, you could find yourself arrested for domestic abuse and barred from seeing your children or returning to the marital home if a protective order is taken out against you.

What You Should Do

After discovering infidelity, if you believe that a divorce is the best choice for you, reach out to a family law attorney immediately. The compassionate attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbaum understand how stressful your situation is, and we work to help you achieve the legal outcome you desire. Our attorneys can aid you during your divorce and help you with any child custody or spousal support needs that you have. With locations throughout the Atlanta metro area we are able to meet with you to provide you with the legal advice you need. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation so that we can begin working on your case.