When you or someone close to you is considering divorce, it is natural to talk to those close to you who have recently filed for divorce or gotten a divorce in the past. While talking to others can give you some insight into the typical divorce, it can also leave you with questions. Not every divorce is the same, with some couples successfully ending their marriage in a few weeks while others spend years trying to reach a mutually agreeable settlement. Learning why divorce time frames vary can aid those who want learn why some divorces seem to take much longer than others.

Was it Uncontested?

If someone you speak to tells you that their divorce was resolved in approximately one month, chances are they had an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce occurs when both parties are able to agree on everything and only need a judge to sign off on the divorce decree. Couples who had a short marriage, people who kept their finances separate throughout their marriage, and those who have no minor children often pursue an uncontested divorce. These divorces typically take 30 days to complete and are much less expensive than the type of legal battles usually shown in television or movies.

Did They Use Mediation?

Speaking to a mediator is a cost effective option that some couples take advantage of when they are going through a divorce. A mediator can act as a neutral third-party helping spouses divide their estate fairly. During mediation, collaboration is encouraged and a skilled mediator can keep discussions on topic encouraging both parties to work together. When couples are able to use mediators, their divorces are usually less time-consuming and much less expensive. Mediation also makes it easier for parents to work together as a team and allows both parties to move on in a healthy manner. Divorces involving a mediator may take longer than an uncontested divorce, but they are less time consuming than a contested divorce that requires a court hearing.

Unable to Agree?

A couple who is unable to agree on anything may become locked in a contentious divorce.  When this happens, they are unable to agree on anything from property division to the custody of their small children. In these cases court may be unavoidable, and depending on the situation, multiple court hearings may be necessary. A divorce that involves major assets, disputed child custody, and other issues could take more than a year to resolve. While no one wants to deal with a bitterly contested divorce, sometimes they are inevitable.

Vayman & Teitelbaum

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