Getting a divorce is one of the most expensive legal choices that an average adult can expect to make during his or her lifetime. Multiple studies have shown that divorce is the greatest destroyer of established wealth within the United States and very few make a full financial recovery. Finding ways to minimize the cost of a divorce is recommended, especially if you and your spouse are attempting to work together during an uncontested divorce. However, you and your spouse should never use the same divorce attorney even if you initially believe it might save both parties money.

Conflict of Interest

Even an attorney with the best of intentions will risk creating a situation that is a conflict of interests if he or she attempts to represent both parties in a divorce. Some try to get around this potential problem by having different attorneys who work for the same law firm represent both parties, but that still can create trouble. It is common for a law firm to want to resolve a case as quickly as possible and having access to both parties as clients may lead to corners being cut for the sake of expediency. Both you and your spouse may not get the representation you truly need because your attorney is not able to fully represent each of you because he or she is attempting to advise both parties.

Mistaken for Mediation

Going to a neutral attorney for mediation is something that separated couples who are unsure if they are going to get divorced occasionally consider. Attorneys who provide this service will help you come to a financial or custody agreement with your spouse that speeds up the divorce process. Unfortunately, there are times when couples who are using an attorney who was hired by one spouse incorrectly believe that the attorney is a mediator who will repair the relationship.  They do not understand that the attorney is actually trying to expedite the divorce, and when your spouse realizes the mistake, he or she may be infuriated, making the divorce even nastier than previously expected.

Do Not Procrastinate

Finding a divorce attorney is one of the least pleasant things that a person will do in his or her life, and for that reason, some divorcing adults procrastinate when the time comes to retain a lawyer. While you are taking your time attorney shopping, your spouse may be retaining an attorney, gathering financial documents, and preparing an argument for why he or she should receive certain financial assets or custody of the children. The time you waste when it comes to getting started can make your entire divorce process more difficult and time consuming or lead to your spouse hiring the firm you were most interested in using.

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