In a world where high tech spying devices are available in the form of smartphone applications and sold online, it is not uncommon for a spouse to resort to spying during a divorce. Though he or she might feel entitled to know what you are doing while you are still legally married, spying is an invasion of your privacy that could leave you feeling unsafe. Being aware of the possible reasons your spouse is spying on you can make it easier to deal with an uncomfortable situation.

Maintaining a Connection

Knowing what a person is doing during the day helps to foster a feeling of connection and is one of the reasons social media has grown in popularity. After a separation, especially after divorce proceedings have started, your spouse may begin spying on you so that he or she can know what you are doing. Even if your spouse initiated the divorce, he or she still may desire some contact with you or may discover that after years of marriage, he or she truly misses being connected to you. Watching your movements in person or through the Internet provides an ex with the connection he or she may crave.

Confirm Suspicions

No matter what the original reason surrounding your separation are, it is not uncommon for a spouse to begin suspecting that there are other things that may have influenced your decision to get divorced. If a spouse believes that an affair or financial secrets caused your separation or divorce, he or she may begin trying to find proof that will confirm those suspicions. Often spying is seen as a way to discover the truth, and information obtained through spying is viewed as more legitimate than anything you or your attorney have previously told your spouse.


In some situations, the divorce proceedings and final decree do not provide the closure that a person needs. Seeing a former spouse out having fun with friends, going on a date, or writing online about vacation plans may provide the final motivation needed to truly move on.  Witnessing certain activities can make it easier to accept the truth, find a way to cope with it, and ultimately find peace after a marriage has ended. Without real closure and a resolution to a relationship that had a strained ending, it is hard for a person to rebuild his or her life after a divorce.

Seeking Legal Advice

Understanding why a spouse may be spying on you does not mean that you should not feel as though your privacy was invaded. Regardless of whether your spouse was watching your home or installing software on your computer, realizing that your partner was abusing your trust can leave you feeling angry and afraid. If you are contemplating a divorce or have recently received a divorce, discuss your options with a qualified family law attorney. The attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbaum are prepared to help you decide how best to proceed with your unique situation.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation at one of our offices located throughout the Atlanta metro area.