Going through a divorce is something for which no one is truly prepared. Even though the divorce rates in the United States are still relatively high, no person who gets married does so with the expectation of getting divorced at some point in the future. Though the idea of preparing for a divorce at the alter is unpalatable, the reality is that failing to recognize the fact that your marriage may end could lead to significant problems in your future. These are some words of wisdom from the newly divorced that might help you during and after your own divorce.

Parents can Still Get Along

The decision to divorce a person does not mean that you can no longer get along with them on a non-romantic level. People sometimes grow apart, and an ex-spouse is not always a bad person or an enemy. Couples with children are capable of getting along after divorce, reducing some of the stress associated with co-parenting. It is not unusual for divorced parents to remain close friends, so do not feel obligated to hate a person solely because they are no longer your spouse.  

Focus on Finances

Physical and emotional health can be severely impacted by a divorce leading to those problems being your primary concern. Unfortunately, financial health is often the hardest hit and the most difficult thing from which to recover. Early in your divorce, focus on doing whatever is necessary to reduce your expenses and keep yourself financially stable. It can take men and women years to recover from debt, credit issues, and loss of income associated with a divorce.  Not paying attention to your finances until things have spiraled out of control can make a difficult time in your life significantly harder to manage.

New Partners are Not the Enemy

Seeing your ex-spouse move on and start dating again is not always easy, but it does not need to turn into a nightmare. Your ex-husband’s or ex-wife’s new significant other is simply trying to navigate a new relationship to see if it has a future. The last thing they want is to start fighting with the previous spouse. Try to be civil if you interact with the new partner, and if you have children, encourage them to be polite. The new relationship may not last or it may turn into a stabilizing force in your ex’s life and the lives of your children. Just remember that new partners are not automatically your enemy or there to hurt you.

The Legal Advice You Need

Your legal representation can also play a large role in your divorce and your recovery after everything is settled. Secure your future by retaining a qualified divorce attorney who is prepared to fight for the divorce settlement you deserve. The legal team at Vayman & Teitelbaum are here to answer your questions, discuss strategies that would best suit your unique situation, and provide you with the legal advice you need. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at one of our Atlanta metro area locations so that we can begin working on your case.