Today there are dozens of divorce horror stories that involve one or both parties indulging in juvenile behavior. These sordid tales often feature an angry adult doing something cringe-inducing to either get back at a spouse or to vent rage over his or her legal predicament.  Every person who has gone through a divorce understands how tempting it is to give into your anger, but if you are someone who has children, even a momentary loss of self-control could cost you dearly. Even if you feel perfectly justified, it is important to remember that there are several actions that can cost you the custody of your children.

Getting Arrested for Any Reason

There are dozens of crimes that could lead to your arrest, and regardless of how minor the crime is, one arrest could turn your custody case upside down. Most arrests are matters of public record, with many county police departments going so far as to post pictures of criminals in local newspapers and the department’s social media accounts. Once your former partner discovers that you have been charged with a crime, expect your ex and his or her attorney to exploit the situation. The other parent may use your arrest to prove that you are not the best person to take care of your children or, if the arrest is related to a behavior such as substance abuse, the arrest could be used to prove that your ex was telling the truth about your past behavior.

Accusations of Physical Abuse

Any accusation of domestic violence and physical abuse can prove disastrous to your child custody case. The court’s decision is ultimately based on what is in the best interest of the child and even the best attorney in the world will have a hard time proving that a person who abuses his or her family members is the best person to raise a child. No matter how angry you get, never lay hands on your former partner, your child, or give anyone the impression that you do. One accusation of domestic violence could land you in jail with a protective order taken out against you that prevents you from returning to your home or coming anywhere near your child.

Missing Scheduled Visitation or Court Hearings

The way the court in general and the judge hearing your case perceive you plays a crucial role in how you are treated throughout your custody case. Any misstep that makes a bad impression can be difficult to overcome, and one thing that you can do that will cause the court to question your sincerity is miss scheduled visitations or court hearings. A person who is not seen as an involved parent will have a difficult time obtaining or retaining custody of a child, especially if he or she cannot be bothered to show up for visits. Worse, a person who is irresponsible enough to miss court hearings gives the court the impression that he or she feels the proceedings are unimportant.

Continuing the Fight

If you or someone close to you has done something that may hurt a custody case, it is not too late to fight back. A dedicated and aggressive child custody attorney can work with you to prove to the court that you able to provide your children the loving support they need. Call the legal team at Vayman & Teitelbaum today to discuss your case so that we can begin providing you with the legal representation you need.