The majority of custody disputes viewed in movies, television shows, and books feature angry couples playing a legal tug of war over their children. While it is true that custody often becomes contentious as both parents work to find ways to spend more time with their mutual children, it is also true that custody resolution does not need to be that difficult. It is possible for two adults to work together to come to an agreement with limited assistance from an attorney or a judge. Even a couple that has started negotiations with animosity can find a way to come together for the sake of finalizing custody. There are many advantages to working with your spouse to create a custody agreement that should be taken into consideration if you or someone close to you is ready to put an end to an extensive custody dispute.

Accommodates Your Schedule

Once the court becomes involved in determining your custody arrangement, the best interests of the child is the primary concern. The child’s schedule and comfort are often placed ahead of those of the parent. If you and your spouse work together to create a custody agreement, you can both work to accommodate your own schedules.  Work travel, certain medical appointments, and other activities can be taken into account when deciding how to arrange custody.

Recognizes the Quirks of Your Children

No one knows your children better than you and your spouse. The decisions a judge might make for your child may not necessarily be right for your child’s unique needs and temperament. By the time a judge is making decisions regarding custody, he or she may not be interested in objections based on the idiosyncrasies of a minor, leading to future problems. Working together with your spouse means that you can create a custody plan that truly reflects the needs of your children.

Does Not Penalize a Bad Spouse Who is a Good Parent

In many situations a bad spouse may be a wonderful parent, but often the court will place more emphasis on the failings as a spouse instead of the triumphs of the parent. Making a custody agreement by working directly with your former spouse reduces your chances of having your custody negatively impacted because of your poor marital choices. A spouse who acknowledges that you are a good parent and wants to help you maintain a good relationship with your children is more likely to work with you to establish a fair visitation or custody arrangement.

Talk to a Georgia Attorney

If you and your spouse would like to work together to create your custody agreement, you should still talk to a child custody and visitation attorney. An attorney can help to ensure that your rights are protected and that your legal documents will meet the scrutiny of family court or other interested parties. The attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbaum understand that some parents prefer a non-confrontational style of negotiation, and we are able to accommodate those wishes. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at one of our Atlanta, Georgia area locations so that we can begin helping you conclude your custody negotiations.