Negotiating child custody in a divorce or when the child’s parents don’t live together is often contentious. When both parents want as much time as possible with their child, coming to an agreement is difficult. Custody battles can get complicated, fast, and it’s often the child or children that suffer most. While you may wish to shield your child from a divorce or arguing, the truth is that Georgia family law courts often get involved if the parents cannot agree. If you’re struggling with a compromise for child custody with your child’s other parent, you need the help of an Alpharetta, GA, custody lawyer. Contact Vayman & Teitelbaum, P.C., experienced Georgia family law attorneys, for a free consultation.

What Does A Good Alpharetta Custody Lawyer Do?

During a divorce, you may be so angry at your soon-to-be-ex-spouse that it’s hard to view them as a good parent. Many parents lose focus during a divorce, which can affect their view of their child’s other parent. We help you look at your situation and determine what kind of arrangement is in your child’s best interests. We also advise you about what a Georgia family law judge may consider when making a child custody ruling.

Many child custody disputes are settled out of court, in mediation, or through negotiation between the two parties. We can help you avoid a trial and represent you in mediation. Our goal is to get you as much time as possible with your child, look at what is best for the child, and help you achieve the best possible outcome in your situation.

Custody And Visitation In Alpharetta

Custody agreements are not permanent. There may be opportunity to change it down the line, when your children get older, or if one parent wants to move away. If you have a custody agreement in place but need to modify it, we can help you establish the right legal protections for you and your child, acting in your interests. We can also help you secure the highest amount of monthly child support possible or tack down the child’s other parent to get the child support your child is entitled to.

In some cases, one parent may not be suitable to care for the child or may have an unsafe or unstable living situation. If it applies to your family, we can also help you secure a custody agreement that protects your child and shields them from a parent who may abuse drugs or alcohol or who cannot provide a safe and stable home for the child.

Do You Need Help With A Child Custody Case?

If you’re involved in a divorce or custody battle, it’s smart to ensure you have legal protection. The legal team at Vayman & Teitelbaum, P.C. are fierce negotiators and can help you develop a custody arrangement that meets your child’s best interests. We’re here to support you during this difficult time and can help you learn more about what options are possible under Georgia law. Contact our offices today to book a free consultation with a skilled Alpharetta custody lawyer.