Anger, hurt, and depression are all emotions that you may feel during different stages of your divorce. These feelings may influence your behavior, leading to some less-than-rational decisions. While your attorney and the court understands how difficult your situation is, your behavior could still impact the outcome of your divorce. Words, actions, and overall behavior influence a case more than many people are aware of. Understanding how behavior during a divorce can affect you is important to anyone who is determined to walk away from marriage with a reasonable settlement.

Focus of the Case

As emotionally and financially charged as a divorce is, it is still a complex transaction.  Distractions or lack of focus can make it difficult for you to do your part to help your attorney and the court understand why your requests are reasonable. Engaging in dramatic, distracting, and occasionally damaging behavior could negatively affect you while aiding your soon to be ex-spouse. Keeping a firm hold on your public and private behavior will keep the focus on your case, otherwise your behavior will become the focus instead of your divorce.

Attorney’s Ability to Work with You

Any attorney who represents you must be able to remain emotionally detached from you and your case in order to provide you with the level of representation that you deserve. Even though they are detached, that does not mean they dislike you or do not believe your side of the case.  Unfortunately, it is possible for your attorney to have a difficult time representing you if your behavior starts to make his or her job more difficult or your attorney believes your words or actions are affecting his or her professional credibility. The way you behave throughout your case can affect how well the attorney is able to work on your case.

The Judges Neutrality

The judge who reviews your case at various stages is obligated to remain neutral and make his or her decisions based on the law along with the verifiable information provided. The judge is supposed to remain impartial in order to preside over cases fairly. However, the judge may be influenced by the facts that are presented, and your spouse’s attorney will attempt to present the facts in such a way that helps your spouse while hurting you. Any questionable, unethical, or immoral behavior can influence the way the judge views you for the remainder of the case.

Get Legal Advice

If you or someone close to you is going through a divorce and concerned about how your behavior may have influenced your case, it is best to consult an attorney for legal advice. The divorce attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbum realize that no divorce is easy and that occasionally missteps occur before an attorney is retained. We are ready to work on your behalf to get your divorce case back on track so that you can obtain a fair settlement from your spouse. Contact us today at 678-736-7700 to schedule an initial consultation at one of our Atlanta, Georgia locations.