Divorce is one of the most expensive and time consuming legal processes that most adults experience in their lifetimes. During the drawn out legal battles, couples who were previously united spend months arguing over property, financial assets, and child custody. One way to avoid some of the turmoil associated with a divorce is to create a prenuptial agreement prior to getting married. Though a person getting married may hesitate to present his or her intended spouse with such an agreement, the benefits of a prenuptial agreement far outweigh the temporary embarrassment associated with asking your fiancé to sign the legal document.

Provides Protection from Ulterior Motives

Modern day marriage is typically a contract made between two adults who love and respect each other. Unfortunately, there are some people who would marry solely for financial gain. A person who marries for financial security and personal gain may later divorce his or her spouse demanding substantial child support or alimony payments. A prenuptial agreement makes it clear what a spouse will receive if the couple divorces and help protect an individual who has many assets prior to the marriage. Utilizing a prenuptial agreement can protect you and your assets from a person who is marrying you for less than honorable reasons.

Reduces the Cost of Divorce

No matter how strongly a couple feels about each other, divorce is still a common part of life. A contested divorce can easily cost thousands of dollars after both partners are forced to pay for attorneys, filing fees, and the expenses associated with maintaining a household alone if one spouse moves out prior to the divorce.  A prenuptial agreement settles issues such as support payment, property division, responsibilities regarding debt, and other major issues that are often determined after months of litigation. Avoiding arguments over these contentious issues can

shorten the amount of time spent in court greatly reducing overall costs.

Protects Family Assets

When a person with children, especially adult children, gets remarried, it is not unusual for those children to be wary of the new spouse. In addition to becoming accustomed to a person who is playing a large role in the life of a parent, adult children may worry about the loss of family assets through a divorce. A prenuptial agreement can set everyone’s mind at ease since it can be used to secure assets and pre-marital property for intended heirs. It can also be used to protect any existing businesses, and once heirs know that their inheritances are safe, they are often more comfortable with welcoming a new stepparent into the family.

Contact an Attorney

A properly executed prenuptial agreement can protect you, your family, and your business. A qualified prenuptial agreement attorney can discuss your situation with you and help you determine if the document is the right choice for you. The attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbaum understand how important it is to protect your legacy and hard work. Our team is prepared to provide you with the legal advice you need at any one of our Atlanta metro offices. Contact us today at 678-736-7700 to schedule your consultation.