It is not uncommon for women to gain primary custody of children when a couple goes through a divorce. In fact, many times, whether it is settled in court or out, the children are placed in the care of the mother. Vayman & Teitelbaum, Attorneys at Law, can help anyone who is going through a divorce and seeking child custody. The experienced professionals at Vayman & Teitelbaum can provide you with everything you need to know about child custody during a divorce.

Why Do Courts Discriminate Against Men?

According to a Pew survey, mothers spend twice as much time with their children as fathers do. This data gives us insight into why so many courts still side with the mother in most custody cases. In many cases, men are still expected to be the primary breadwinners. Therefore, women are assumed to be the ones at home with their children, or at the very least the mother is expected to be the one taking the lead in childrearing.

Are Times Changing?

At one time, that made perfect sense. But many fathers who go through custody today battles beg to differ. In a 2016 article from the, 82% of mothers have primary care of their children. The numbers show that women get more decisions in their favor when it comes to custody. Men receive unequal time with their children, and experts suggest some court tactics are used to prevent men from gaining access to their children during divorce proceedings.

Some feel that when young children are involved with a custody battle, the judge tends to grant custody to the mother. The belief behind the move is that a young child needs a mother more than a father. Dads going through divorce may disagree with the assumption.


Stereotypes often abound in custody battles. Perhaps one of the biggest stereotypes in divorce cases centers around fathers being absent and neglectful or even being child support dodgers. Experts in fathers’ rights feel that not only are men getting a bad rap, but the simple fact is they want to see their children more than just every other weekend.

The days of one parent being home all day while the other works is mostly a thing of the past. Modern society sees many fathers spending just as much time, and sometimes more, with their children as the mothers. Ensuring that a judge can see this in your case, is particularly important to your custody agreement.

Part of the shift in helping dads receive a fair shake is due to lawyers and judges who came from divorced families wanting to recognize fathers as primary caregivers.

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